Friday, May 18, 2018

Fresh Flowers from Sams

Have you tried the fresh flowers from Sams? I ran across this page which browsing Patriotic decoration for Memorial Day and these flowers really looked like a good price. I just haven't bought any fresh flowers from Sams so I wasn't sure.

520276 Patriotic Hand Painted Spider Mums - 60 Stems
They seem reasonably priced for sure...60 stems for about $60 Now, that more stems than I would need unless we were having a big backyard barbecue, but their pricing sounds good if you needed flowers for an event.

781837  Bells of Ireland
This green filler plant was unknown to me until last week. My sister passed away and this beautiful plant was part of the greenery in her flowers. After the funeral I chose about six stems from her grave flowers and brought them home. The funeral was ten days ago and the Bells of Ireland still look very nice. I'm amazed at how long they have lasted. Now, I don't know where this particular Bells of Ireland came from, the flowers were from the florist. I just thought it was unique that I just learned about this plant last week and tonight I see it on Sams and know what it is!

If you've had experience with fresh flowers from Sams, please make a comment. I would be interested in know. I love fresh flowers)))
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Allen Roth Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen

Someone asked me the other day where I got my pendant lights in the kitchen. So I'm sharing this information along with some images.

When we first started looking for pendant lights for the island, I wasn't sure exactly how many we needed, but the island is about 12' in length so we opted for three lights.

We shopped a couple of lighting stores and found some really beautiful pendant lights, all quite pricey. Then we also looked at Lowe's, Home Depot and Wayfair and settled on these Allen Roth Aged Bronze Vintage Single Clear Glass Pendant lights that we purchased at Lowe's.

The lights look like old gallon jugs! The aged bronze in the description described\s the actual metal part that holds the old fashion Edison style bulb. Another plus is that it comes with a bulb! The Edison lights give off more of a yellow cast versus bright white lights, but this was fine for our purposes. I like the look that is appears to be hanging on a thick rope like wire.

The glass is a hammered style glass that is clear but not sparkling clear. You can find more information on the lights at Lowes. I've included a link in the image.

They are not as ornate as the similar ones we saw in the specialty lighting store, but also about $100 less. 

We have been very happy with the looks of these lights so far, no cons at all from my standpoint.

Also at Lowe's.....if you or your husband is a veteran, retired or inactive, you can get an additional 10% off, you just have to ask for it.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

You're Never Too Old to Learn

Wednesday was a difficult day. We buried a precious family member. My sister, Karen, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January and died May 7, 2018. We buried her May 9th on what would have been my grandmother's birthday.

This morning, we took my 95 year old dad to the cemetery. He had attended the services, but  wasn't able to go back to the cemetery in the afternoon to see the closed grave. So we took him this morning.

She's buried not far from a huge oak tree and there was shade almost reaching her grave. As we talked, and looked at the flowers I was struggling for something to say without crying and I said, well it won't be long until she will be in the shade of that big oak tree.

Daddy stepped back and said, no, now Jeannie Dale, that's east. The shade will get shorter and will be on the other side of the tree after while. She was in the shade early this morning. The flowers looked fresher so I guess that was why.

So rest in the early morning shade Karen and some day we will see each other again.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Recliners in the Living Room Yes or No?

My Living Room

Okay, I'm with most of the women when it comes to recliners in the living. Yes, they are comfortable, but goodness they are usually so big and take us so much room.

We recently moved into our new house and the hubby's old leather easy chair was about 20 years and worn out ten years ago! He realized it had to go and couldn't be moved into the new house so all he talked about was getting a new recliner.

Well, we shopped....and we looked. He sat in recliner after recliner. Wanted a Lazy Boy, but they make noise! I really didn't want him to get a recliner, but was willing to go along with something maybe in fabric, that looked more like as easy chair versus a pillow back recliner that three people could sit in!

So we shopped. He wanted leather. Period. We looked and every time he found something he liked, it either was not leather, not the right color, mechanism wasn't smooth enough etc. He did not want anything other than a handle recline mechanism.

Now you have to understand, my husband worked in the furniture industry practically all his life. He knows his business around upholstered furniture, which comes in very handy. When I picked out some new sofas he was right on board with them because they were eight-way hand tie. Didn't mean a thing to me, but he said, yes, these are quality. They will last for years and could be recovered yadda yadda yadda. They were nice to sit on and fit in the scheme I had in mind for the new living area. Recliners did not.

I mean....what are you going to do with one recliner.....nothing will match it....I didn't want a sofa, loveseat and chair arrangement all out of the same material. I had in mind, two matching sofas facing each either and two easy chairs to compliment the sofas. Not a recliner.

Then we found these recliners. And the store had a matched pair!

Barcalounger Churchill Double Fudge Recliner from Vintage Collection

This recliner is made by Barcalounger. It's called the Churchill and this color is double fudge. It's a press back or push back style recliner. The leather is beautiful and the accent with the nail heads is very nice. Super comfortable and not hard for me to sit and push back. I liked them right off the bat because they don't look so much like a recliner. They look more like as easy chair and are very comfortable sitting upright, not being in the reclining position.
Barcalounger Churchill Recliner

When reclined, they do take up some room, but not excessive. The are pretty from the back also.
Barcalounger Churchill Double Fudge Color
 Since we spent so much time looking for a beautiful recliner, I thought I would share our findings. It might save you some time if you are looking for something similar.

This recliner comes in six colors. The seat cushion is made by Leggett & Platt which is a local company for us and that made it even that much better to us.

These are not inexpensive recliners, but if you are looking for quality, comfort and beauty, you will find it in this Barcalounger recliner. We've had ours for a few months now and I'm sold on them)))

My Living Room

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Lighted Christmas Lantern for Dog Lovers

Don't we all love our mischievous pets! This cute red lighted lantern from RAZ would make the perfect keepsake for that pet lover you know.

3800775 Pups Lighted Lantern from RAZ

This is a new lantern from RAZ from the 2018 Camp Christmas collection. All the lanterns that RAZ has produced over the past couple of years have been widely popular. These new pet lanterns will be equally popular.

They are made of plastic and measure about 4" x 9". They are lighted and have timers! You can set these when you put them out, and the will turn off and turn on every 18 hours. They are battery operated. Kids will love them, but do keep out of the reach of children. They are not toys.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, you can click on the image and go to the product page on Trendy Tree. There is a place there where you can enter your email address to request to be notified the moment they arrive and are available for purchase. Don’t wait!

Friday, May 4, 2018

What's your Favorite Candy Corn Recipe?

My favorite way to eat Candy Corn is to mix it up with salted peanuts. Simple and good!

Image by By ewan traveler    
Another way to have calorie free candy corn, would be to decorate for Halloween using the bottle brush style Candy Corn trees from RAZ.

RAZ Autumn Hearth Collection  
RAZ carried these same trees last year and they were so popular, they brought them back to their Autumn Hearth Collection for 2918.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, you can click on the image and go to the product page on Trendy Tree. There is a place there where you can enter your email address to request to be notified the moment they arrive and are available for purchase. Don’t wait!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Farmer's Market Decorations

This picture was taken several years ago, but we used to have a fall backyard party where we decorated an old barn, cooked out, had hayrides and watched movies in the back yard. It was fun. It was also a lot of work!

My decorating has been scaled back! We just moved into our new retirement home this spring and I';m really looking forward to decorating for fall and Halloween.

This new Farmers Market Sign from RAZ will be one of my favorite things to use I think. The item is from the 2018 Farmhouse Fall Collection.

3721314 Farmers Market Sign by RAZ

I love the the phrases! It will look perfect just sitting on the hearth or on a table in the foyer with a bowl of green apples....or ornamental squash. The farm house style decorating is so popular these days and I love it. It's a great way of decorating by bringing out some of your old "antiques." They blend right in!

This Farmer's Market sign measures about 16" in ht and is made of MDF. It will be arriving to Trendy Tree some times this June or July.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, you can click on the image and go to the product page on Trendy Tree. There is a place there where you can enter your email address to request to be notified the moment they arrive and are available for purchase. Don’t wait!