Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Little History

This is the beginning.....of my retirement. Well, not really. It really began sort 2010 and officially in 2014.

In 2010, I retired from from my nurse practitioner career to focus on the family business, Trendy Tree. My husband and I started our website business in 2007, Pence Christmas Tree Farm, as a "weekend" business for supplemental income during our retirement. The business quickly grew and became Trendy Tree in 2009.

By 2010, we had recognized that we didn't have the time to maintain a functioning Christmas tree farm along with the website business and my nursing career so my husband took an early retirement in 2009 to work on the farm and keep the trees going.

We eventually decided to let the trees go and just focus on the website business. The Christmas trees are still happily growing their butts off.....we've cut one tree in all these years to use at our own home so the grandchildren could have the opportunity to chop down a tree......that was an was misting rain and cold....they chopped a little and were happy when Pop pulled out the chainsaw and finished her off.....they haven't ask to cut another one.

So, in 2010 I retired from nursing and grew the business. We had outgrown our shop adjacent to our home which had already been doubled in size once, so we moved into a warehouse in town in 2012 and hired our first real know her as Carrie)))

Family businesses may not be for everyone, but it seems to have worked for us. There we were.....the three of us....every day, even on weekends during Christmas season. David, our son in law, would help out in the afternoons and weekends during those busy times.

Another year went by, and we were ready to take on our second real know him as David))

For a year, the four of us were there every day. Poor David, that is a lot of time spent with the in-laws. We worked together, lunched together and occasionally a couple of us might slip out and play some golf (that would be David and Terry) and Carrie and I would stay back and hold the shop down. But still, just knowing that you could drop things and run to the school for one of the kids functions, or bail early in the afternoon to go home early or to was a pretty good situation.

Then in 2014, Terry and I decided to really retire. Carrie and David took over the business. We're still in and out from time to time and available to help out in a crunch. Website work and social networking is my forte so I spend some time on it, but we really are officially retired.

So, I've decided to blog about retirement.......things that I don't like.....things I do like.....things I want to change.... If you are of the Baby Boomer generation like me.....I hope you'll take this journey with me.

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