Saturday, September 19, 2015

Retired? Not Really))

The thing about retirement you have so much time to do so many things! Granted I'm still in the early retirement days and I should be making a list to get myself organized more....start making some long range plans and prioritize tasks.

My goal, at some point, is to start downsizing our home. We might even sell our home and move into something smaller, closer to town, something with less yard work. But that's way on down the list. I also want to start sorting through "things." You know all those things you have in the attic and tucked away here and there.

Our daughter is an only child and there will only be so many things that she or our grandchildren will want to keep once we are gone. plan is to start getting rid of everything else before that day comes. Course we don't know the future and it could happen tomorrow......if it does.....well I had good intentions Carrie, just didn't get to it)))

But, for this weekend....I have more fun things planned))) Yesterday I created this Autumn Scarecrow wreath for my front door. Haven't put it on my door yet, the old door in the photo is just a background door for images. I'll be doing a tutorial for Trendy Tree to show how to make this wreath. It's really very easy and all the supplies can be purchased from Trendy Tree. When I get the tutorial finished, I'll post the link here too)))

**As promised..... here is the Tutorial Link for this Scarecrow Wreath with Legs.

I love decorating for fall so I was thinking that maybe I will post about some of my decorations on this blog. The other thing I want to do this weekend is re-purpose (new phrase for saying repaint) two old black metal lanterns. We've used them outside on tables and they have some rust. The hubby says do something with them or get rid of them, they just collect leaves.

Well, today I'm going to clean out the leaves and maybe give them a new coat of paint. I have some leftover chalk paint and they say you can use it on metal, so we'll give it a try and see how it goes. 

It's also gameday weekend, but this Ole Miss game is away at Alabama, so we'll be watching it at home. Need to make some snacks for that.....and it's Bodock Festival weekend at Pontotoc....and our 14 year old grandson is playing in a golf you see....this weekend is just about wrapped up!  Need to find time to ride a few miles before I get started with all this work! 


  1. I watched your youtube tutorial and just love this wreath! Thank you for posting.

    1. Thank you for watching Martha, we appreciate it))) I'm in the process now of creating a new YouTube channel for the Baby Boomer very first video is uploading now)))