Thursday, September 17, 2015

Worst Fears Realized

Riding the Tanglefoot Trail again and up ahead a woman and man had stopped on their bikes and signaled for us to stop before we reached them.

There it of the things I had been most worried about when riding on the trail....a snake!

Now....for the most part, a snake is a snake, is a snake. Don't talk to me about how good it is to have a rat snake around the house or anything like that. I want no part of them no matter how innocent they may be. But this was not one of those kinds of snakes.

I don't know much about snakes, but I do know that a pointed head means stay away!

This snake acted like he owed the road! Throwing rocks at it did not make it run off. But like the gentleman who was on the trail ahead of us said....we really ought not to just try to run it off, we should kill it.

We all looked at each other....three women and one man. I spoke up and said "I have some pepper spray!" No one thought that would be a good idea, that we would just probably make it mad.

The man thought the snake was a Copperhead. I had no idea myself. All snakes look bad, but it did have a pointed head and it kept it's head reared up all the time. I could just imagine running over it and it striking and biting someone (like me) on the leg.

So many times I have seen families out riding the trail and little kids tend to be out in the front of the parents. I could just see one of those little kids running over that snake  and getting bit!

I don't think running over it with a bike would have hurt it one bit, it seemed pretty resilient. Eventually, the man found a stick that didn't seem to be too rotten to use. So after we all got our pics of the snake he gave it a good licking with the stick. After killing the snake, he seemed to think it was a Cottonmouth and not a Copperhead. Either one equally as bad.

This is what it looked like on the underneath side. Needless to say, the head is no longer pointed!

After we (he) tossed the snake to the side, we all resumed our pedaling and went on down the trail.

Remember those pics I posted a day or so ago of the Milo field and Soybean I'm recalling how I got off my bike, waded through the grass so I could get better pictures....yeah....better more up close pictures.....from now on, you may see nothing but wide angle shots on my

Oh husband who was all nice and safe back home.....asked me...."did you look in it's mouth? You can tell real easy if it's a Cottonmouth or not" did not look in it's mouth.


  1. I feel the same way about poisonous snakes and all spiders!!!!!

  2. You're right....spiders rank right up there with snakes....but at least they are easier to kill))

  3. oh my word!!! I live in Southern California in the hills and our back yard is a hill....we have had our fair share of rattlers.....we had to teach our kids to look down before they run outside!!! I remember once I ran over a baby rattler with my car while parking, did not even know it until later in the evening when I had to get something out of my car from the passenger side and the baby rattler was sticking out from the front passenger tire. I know where there is a baby rattler the mama is not to far behind, we have killed the baby and the mama some summers ago....eeeeks.....not a fan of snakes!!! Glad you were able to continue on your bike ride :).

    1. Rattlesnakes.....that sounds so scary....sometimes I wonder how we survived childhood....wading in shallow creeks....playing in the woods....well I know how we survived...someone was watching over us)))