Friday, May 18, 2018

Fresh Flowers from Sams

Have you tried the fresh flowers from Sams? I ran across this page which browsing Patriotic decoration for Memorial Day and these flowers really looked like a good price. I just haven't bought any fresh flowers from Sams so I wasn't sure.

520276 Patriotic Hand Painted Spider Mums - 60 Stems
They seem reasonably priced for sure...60 stems for about $60 Now, that more stems than I would need unless we were having a big backyard barbecue, but their pricing sounds good if you needed flowers for an event.

781837  Bells of Ireland
This green filler plant was unknown to me until last week. My sister passed away and this beautiful plant was part of the greenery in her flowers. After the funeral I chose about six stems from her grave flowers and brought them home. The funeral was ten days ago and the Bells of Ireland still look very nice. I'm amazed at how long they have lasted. Now, I don't know where this particular Bells of Ireland came from, the flowers were from the florist. I just thought it was unique that I just learned about this plant last week and tonight I see it on Sams and know what it is!

If you've had experience with fresh flowers from Sams, please make a comment. I would be interested in know. I love fresh flowers)))
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